Orchestral Works

Monoliths I-III (2015)
orchestra (flexible instrumentation) & electronics
a tearing of vision (2012)
large chamber orchestra
Listen online to Ensemble Intercontemporain on the Col Legno portrait CD
11′ PDF
anatomy (2010)
large orchestra & percussion solo
9’ PDF

Ensemble & Chamber Works


aMass (2015)
amplified nonet
18’ PDF
viscosity (2014)
amplified string trio & volume pedals
15’ PDF
Monoliths I-V (2014)
ensemble (size and instruments flexible) & electronics
Listen online to Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin on the Col Legno portrait CD
10′ PDF
harvest (2013–14)
viola, cello, double bass, & percussion
12′ PDF
Nocturne (2013)
string quartet
VideoMivos Quartet
12′ PDF
witness. (2012)
electric guitar, soprano saxophone, percussion, & piano
CD release by Ensemble Nikel coming in March 2017
15′ PDF
flesh|veil (2012)
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13’ PDF
— caul — (2011–12)
22′ PDF
Tenebræ (2011)
octet of modern and historical instruments
14′ PDF
viscera (2010)
viola, cello, & double bass
7′ PDF
gauze II (2010)
15′ PDF
gauze I (2009)
8′ PDF
personæ (2009)
bass flute & bass clarinet
10′ PDF
kairos incised (2007)
11′ PDF

Installations with Live Performers

Alam II [Pain] (2016)
spatial installation for ensemble & electronics, Text: Zakaria Mohammed
Alam [Pain] (2011)
spatial installation for ensemble & electronics, Text: Zakaria Mohammed
Listen online to Klangforum Wien on the Col Legno portrait CD
12′ PDF
looking for a man to love & fuck (2008)
concert installation for septet, video, & electronics
Video Excerpt (Ensemble Nora Volkova)
2 hrs 16′
Sunstone – Cell 2 (2006)
theater installation for actress & electronics
Director: Virginia Preston, Text: Octavio Paz
Video Excerpt  

Installations without Live Performers

Dark Room (2015)
multichannel speaker installation for sole listener in near-total darkness

Vocal Works

Chamber (2006–07)
three (untrained) amplified (male) voices
12′ PDF
Videoforma Leipzig
VideoManufaktur für aktuelle Musik
VideoNew Music Ensemble

Solo Works

Études 1–3 (2016)
piano solo
8′ PDF
puls (2012)
percussion solo
6′ PDF
die Haut Anderer [the skin of others] (2008), for e.h.
piano solo with optional video playback
Listen online to Nicolas Hodges on the Col Legno portrait CD
VideoRei Nakamura
9′12′ PDF
Unterdruck (2008)
prepared harp
9′ PDF
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